Update NuGet packages before start to write some code in a Xamarin.Forms app

Hi guys.

When you create a Xamarin Forms project, you can see that Xamarin.Android project has some Xamarin.Android NuGet packages that are not updated. I don’t know why the Xamarin.Forms template does not download the last version of default packages.

By the way we could try to update all needed packages before start to write some code.

These are the steps:

Remove Xamarin.Forms Nuget Package from Xamarin.Android, iOS, UWP and Xamarin.Forms
Under Android
Install Xamarin.Android.Support.Annotations
Install Xamarin.Android.Support.Compat
Install Xamarin.Android.Support.Core.UI
Install Xamarin.Android.Support.Core.Utils
Install Xamarin.Android.Support.Fragment
Install Xamarin.Android.Support.Media.Compat
Update Xamarin.Android.Support.Design
Update Xamarin.Android.Support.v7.AppCompat
Update Xamarin.Android.Support.v4
Update Xamarin.Android.Support.v7.CardView
Update Xamarin.Android.Support.v7.MediaRouter

Install Xamarin.Forms Nuget under all projects

Hope this help



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