Xamarin Forms 4.0 and AltBeacon library

Some years ago I have used AltBeacon library to interact with some Estimote beacons.

Do you know AltBeacon library? I think you can read this to have all informations you need.

With the help of Chris Riesco Binding and sample I have been able to create a little project that I have published on GitHub.

After some years, a customer has come back with these “Beacons”…. He has selected a Zebra MB4000 beacon that can be read with AltBeacon library.

So, I have cloned my repository from GitHub but it’s very old: AltBeacon library 2.7, XamarinForms 2.3… I should spend a lot of time to upgrade it, so I have try to recreate it.

I have created a new XF4.0 project with the same AltBeaconLibrarySample name (so I can substitute it on GitHub without problems). I have also found a good Xamarin Binding Project here and I have update the AltBeacon library to version 2.16.1 (you can find all Java versions at this link).

After some changes to the original code (now there is only one button that Start and Stop Ranging beacons) and some tests, I have published a new AltBeaconLibrarySample project to this link: AltBeaconLibrarySample.

Hope you can try it and give me some feedback!

Have a nice “beacons” day.



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